Monday, June 3, 2013

Movie Themed Birthday Party...

I've been pretty busy around here planning two Birthday parties, both within a few weeks of one another.

My youngest wanted to have a party at the Movie Theatre, but there wasn't anything appropriate for kids playing this past weekend, so I decided we should show a movie at our home.

Aren't these tissue paper tassels adorable!?! I hung them, along with strands of "Admit One" tickets from the chandelier above our kitchen table.

(I'll have all the party references listed for you at the bottom of the post.)

It was my first time making "popcorn" cupcakes and I was very pleased with how they turned out! I found these cute popcorn bags at the dollar store and thought they would be great as goodie bags for the kids. I filled them with candy, microwavable popcorn bags, and glow sticks, then used double sided tape to stick an "Admit One" ticket to secure it shut... perfect for our guests to take home and have their own movie night!

I found a roll of paper tickets at Staples and knew they would be perfect for decorating!

To make the "Admit One" ticket skirt, I measured out the length of my buffet and tore strands of the tickets, so that they would cover it all the way down to the bottom. I then used double sided tape and taped them along the boarder. I also made a "Concessions" banner (not shown... the photo was too dark) out of card stock and letters I printed off of my Word program to mount on each piece of card stock. I then punched a few holes in each piece of card stock with a puncher and strung white ribbon through to hang above the buffet.

I provided candy, popped fresh popcorn on the stove for the kids, and had lemonade in disposable plastic cups with lids and stuck an adorable paper straw in the drink. The kids were free to choose their concessions while they watched the movie!

I think it turned out pretty darn well!

Party Supplies

I don't have the invitation I used to show you, but here is a link to Greeting Island, and the exact invitation I was able to customize and print for FREE! 

"Popcorn" Cupcakes How-To

For the "popcorn," take freshly bought mini marshmallows and, using kitchen scissors, snip the tops. For a variety, snip anywhere from 2 to 4 snips in the marshmallows. Working one at a time, I piped buttercream frosting onto chocolate cupcakes, then placed 6-8 snipped marshmallows on each cupcake. I then displayed the cupcakes on a cupcake stand. 

I hope you've enjoyed reading about this Movie Party... I know I had a blast putting it together and I know the kids had a fun time attending! 


  1. So creative Emily!! I love that movie ticket skirt. What a fun party!

  2. The cupcakes are so cute, and like Dorothy, I love the clever table skirt!

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  5. Really a lovely post! I have been thinking to host movie themed birthday party at Seattle convention center but not quite sure about all arrangements and all other costs. Hopefully, will be planning the party within budget.


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