Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Valentine Cupcake Surprise...

Let's talk about Valentine's Day, shall we?

I have to admit, it's one of my favorite holidays. It wouldn't even matter if I didn't have a special Valentine.....

..... I still love the holiday.

I mean, who can resist all the cutesy hearts, chocolates, and flowers everywhere!?! Not me.

I guess if I got a totally crappy Valentine's Day gift from my Valentine, that would put a damper on my love of the holiday. Which, so far, hasn't happened.

Let's explore what makes a horrible Valentine's Day gift. Or at least what I feel would make a horrible Valentine's Day gift. Okay?

Emily's List of Horrible Valentine's Day Gifts
(In no particular order)

1.)Hunka Love Bear from Vermont Teddy Bear, or any teddy bear for that matter.

I'm a grown woman... stating the obvious here! Plus... I'm constantly trying to clear out my younger daughter's stuffed animals. Why would I want one for myself!?! Fail, my friends. Fail.

2.) Fake flowers. A big no no. Let me repeat. A BIG no no.

3.) Any small kitchen appliance.

Yeah, so I asked for a stand mixer from my husband for Christmas one year. The point is......
I asked for it! Not romantic on Valentine's Day.

4.) Perfume.

Unless I tell you a specific brand or scent, DON'T BUY IT! ...... (hint, hint)

5.) A gift card.

Very impersonal gift, my friends. Not much thought put into that one. Double fail.

6.) A gym membership.

Or ANYTHING remotely related to weight loss. That is self explanatory.

7.) A cheesy Valentine T- Shirt.

Evidence here.

8.) Trashy lingerie.

Definitely NOT thinking of me. Triple fail.

9.) "Funny" Valentine's Day gifts.

Notice the word funny is in quotes.

10.) Nothing at all. Quadruple fail.

It doesn't have to be a huge gift. All I ask for is a card or a small romantic gift that says "I love you."

Have you ever received something awful for Valentine's Day? Or have you received something spectacular? What was it?

These adorable cupcakes are spectacular. I hope you'll make them. They'll cheer you right up if you just so happen to receive a crappy gift this year for Valentine's Day. Or, make them for your Valentine!

Valentine Cupcake Surprise

  • Prepared Cupcakes, Cooled
  • Jumbo or Large Ice Cream Cones
  • Valentine Candies
  • Canned or Homemade Frosting
  • Valentine Sprinkles
Remove the cupcakes from their liners. Add a small amount of frosting around the inner edge of the ice cream cone by piping it or spreading it with a spatula. Fill the ice cream cone, about half way with the Valentine candies. Attach the cupcake, top side down, to the cone so that the bottom of the cupcake is now the top. Frost the cupcake to look like ice cream, then add the sprinkles. 



  1. Ha, I like your list! Fake flowers? REALLY? Dude.

    I love the cupcake surprise!

  2. I agree with you on most of your hate list of gifts - but I'd love perfume - if as you said, the guy in question knew exactly which perfume to get! I'm fussy about scents.
    The cupcake surprise is ADORABLE! Seriously, the secret conversation hearts inside - SO CUTE!

  3. I completely agree with your list. I also love those adorable ice cream cone cupcakes with the little surprise. Very clever!

  4. My kids love these and I love that you did a themed version. Super Cute.


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