Recipes, Ideas, and Photography

On So Domesticated I'll be sharing recipes and ideas that I think are great. If I share a recipe or idea that is not originally mine, credit will be given to the authenticator. I ask that you do the same for me, and link back to the original post, if you choose to share one of my recipes or ideas.

As for my recipes, it's always best to re-write the written portion of the original recipe in your own words, as I'm sure your readers will appreciate your take and method of preparing the recipe.

I am certainly not a professional photographer, but a lot of work goes into my photography. You may use up to two of my photos in your post, but only if you link them back to my site and credit them to So Domesticated.

I enjoy when others have tried my recipes or ideas and have had success with them! After all, recipes and fun tips or ideas are meant to be shared. All I ask is that you give credit where credit is due.


When leaving any comments, please be respectful. Any derogatory or rude comments will be removed by little ol' me.


You can visit my fan page on Facebook, and are welcome to share my posts, with the direct link to the post. Please do not pass off any of my photos and/or blog posts off as your own on your Facebook page.

You are very welcome to pin images directly from my blog onto Pinterest, but please source the pin from So Domesticated. Also, please do not pin entire posts from my blog which include recipes and/or tutorials.

As for Instagram, I am not currently a member. However, if you choose to share a photo of a recipe or idea of mine on Istagram, please source it to So Domesticated. If you happen to see any of my photos, that are not properly sourced, please drop me an email at sodomesticatedblog@gmail.com to inform me. I'd greatly appreciate it, as there are many people posting photos of ideas and recipes of bloggers on Instagram that are not originally theirs and they are not properly sourcing them.


On occasion, I will have giveaways on So Domesticated. All giveaways are sponsored by me. They are items or products that I love and think my readers would love as well.



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